International Animal Behaviour Expert Joins the University of Lincoln

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A leading expert in animal behaviour, welfare and health is joining the University of Lincoln to further boost existing expertise in these key teaching and research areas.

Dr Sandra McCune is recognised internationally for her extensive work into cat and dog behaviour, welfare and health, including aspects of temperament, social behaviour, feeding behaviour, cognition, and age-related changes in behaviour. She has vast experience studying Human-Animal Interaction (HAI) in collaboration with researchers from the USA, UK, Austria, Germany, Australia, Russia, China and Brazil.

Dr McCune was instrumental in establishing the National Institutes of Health (NIH) -WALTHAM public-private partnership on child development and Human-Animal Interaction. Until recently she was a scientific leader at the WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition – a position she held for 25 years. Currently, she leads the ANIMAL MATTERS consultancy providing expert input on a wide range of animal issues including academic, programmatic and communications aspects of how pets affect individuals and wider society.

Dr McCune joins the University of Lincoln in her new role as Visiting Professor of Human-Animal Interaction. She is joint Visiting Chair of the School of Psychology and the School of Life Sciences, working with staff and students across the College of Social Science and College of Science respectively.

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