Research Seminar | Identifying Barriers Experienced by Autistic Jobseekers and Work Coaches

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The unfolding autism prevalence and the high unemployment rates among autistic people have led to an increase in demand for employment support mechanisms. Although UK government legislation recommends the development of evidence-based needs-led services for autistic jobseekers, there is limited research to guide employment service provision. Thus, engaging the autistic community in the research processes to develop needs-led services and practices in a manner that is mutually beneficial and meaningful is of great importance. Unfortunately, current action research models in this area often lack social acceptability or fidelity and only offer its participants a passive recipient’s role, thereby being of limited relevance to end-users.
Using a community-based participatory research approach, this project integrates psychology and human resource management to produce evidence-based information for the development of protocols to deliver needs-led work-search review meetings with autistic jobseekers. This work will be used to inform policy development and the reformulation of current professional practices employed by Disability Advisors and Work Coaches in Jobcentres across the UK.


Senior Lecturer/Programme Lead Department of People and Organisation in the Lincoln International Business School, Dr John Mendy is leading the research seminar, which is titled “Identifying needs and barriers experienced by autistic jobseekers and work coaches at the Jobcentre’s work search review meetings: A community-based participatory research project”, which is taking place on 14th March 2018 from 16:00 to 17:00 in LM0103 (this is located on the ground floor of the David Chiddick Building in the Executive Development Centre)


This is a free event and all are welcome to attend.

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