New study looks at the female body from a woman's perspective

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A new study by University of Lincoln Psychology’s Dr Amelia Cundall and Dr Kun Guo looks at the female body from a woman’s perspective, using eye-tracking technology.
The study involved 33 female psychology undergrads who strapped on eye-tracking technology while gazing at multiple female avatars. The computer generated images ranged from size 6 to size 18 based on UK high-street dress sizes and they were either sporting tight-fitting or loose clothing. Subjects were instructed to rate the models on attractiveness and guess their dress size.
The results were found to be consistent with previous research, which is that most women spend more time looking at the waist and hip region of other women’s bodies. After that, the team found that the women spent an equal amount of time looking at the avatar’s head, upper-body and legs, and the least amount was spent gazing at the arms. However, they also discovered that the more a woman was satisfied with a particular area of their body, the less likely they were to gaze at that area on the model.
The full report can be found in the Journal of Psychological Research
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