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These are exciting times for social care research opportunities as the NIHR and CRN focus on building research awareness, activity, and capacity in the East Midlands within the sector. Social care research in the past has centred around health research but in social care settings, with assistance from Care Homes engaged in the ENRICH program. Inroads are slowly but surely being made into the vast spectrum of social care provision amongst Home Care providers, Day Centre provision, charity and faith sectors and the army of unpaid carers. Despite the enormous pressures these agencies and organisations are under in our ever changing and somewhat fragile social care field, there is still a willingness and enthusiasm to get involved with research. Social care research has historically been less visible than, for example, research with a health focus. Now though, it is social care at centre stage and we are doing all we can to engage with and support the building of research awareness and activity. The UoL is keen to promote and do social care research and has entered into a number of collaborations with other universities, Adult social care, Local Authorities, providers and crucially, the work force and service users and their families. It is such a great privilege to be part of this new move and direction into hither to untapped spheres of lived experience and knowledge in this sector, so integral to positive wellbeing and lives lived well.

Louise Marsh

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