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British Science Week 2021 Videos

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Academics from the Schools of Psychology and Health and Social Care collaborated with the College of Science to deliver a range of livestreamed lectures aimed at secondary school pupils.

Subjects ranged from the sleeping mind, and the evolutionary roots of prejudice and aggression, to the working of the heart and circulatory system. We have added the links to the lectures below as a free resource for teachers and pupils.



In your face: the science behind photo-ID | Dr Kay Ritchie, Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology – https://youtu.be/HrososQES9Q

The Sleeping Mind | Dr Simon Durrant, Senior Lecturer in Psychology – https://youtu.be/HDO3lr8SZYo

Us vs. Them – Digging for the evolutionary roots of cooperation, prejudice and aggression – https://youtu.be/OMVcsJIg4PE

Messing with the Mind: Manipulating Our Body Experiences | Dr Kirsty Miller, Head of Psychology – https://youtu.be/dkjAtqT2CHM


The Brain as a Potato: An Introduction to the Allied Health Professions – https://youtu.be/oJ7T5D6UZdU

Dissecting the Heart | Dr Stephanie Armstrong, Senior Lecturer in Health Quality Improvement – https://youtu.be/tr_C0UzEhk0

Have a Heart | Mr Sean Morton, Senior Lecturer in Heath and Social Care – https://youtu.be/OoPK4CT4Krk

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