Interested in studying Health & Social Care? Here are 7 great reasons to be a Social Worker

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As humans, our brains are wired to nurture those more vulnerable than ourselves. From the instinct to protect a new-born to taking care of the elderly, our biological make-up compels us to be compassionate and help those in need. That is one of the main reasons why a career in social work can be such a rewarding one.
Despite being a worthwhile and selfless career, reports of an ageing population, increased pressures on services and funding cuts can make it difficult to see the benefits of a career in the sector, so with that in mind, why become a social worker?

  • The old saying goes, ‘find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’ and having worked in the sector myself for many years, I’ve learned two key things. With a career in social work, you will never be bored, and you will rarely find yourself sat behind a desk.
  • If diversity is what you’re looking for, there are few jobs more diverse than social work.  Supporting the youngest to the oldest in society social work will take you from hospitals to care homes, schools to communities as you help people through some of the best and most challenging times of their lives.
  • As a Social Worker, you could find yourself guiding a young person through their mental health journey, helping a family to grow through adoption or supporting vulnerable people to improve their independence and wellbeing. Being the person who could potentially change someone’s life for the better is an incredibly rewarding experience.
  • Social work is rooted in the safeguarding of human rights of those who may not otherwise be able to do that for themselves. This kind of career gives you the opportunity to stand up for social justice to ensure fair and just treatment, which will in turn make you a better policy maker.
  • While the job can be a humbling one, it’s also a career that will test you. Working with vulnerable people can mean that you find yourself in potentially difficult situations, but being a Social Worker means having the ability to find a way to work through those situations to benefit the person at the heart of it. Having resilience and being able to negotiate those kinds of situations will teach you a huge amount about yourself.
  • Of course, a career is all about work life balance. Working in the service of others is a great leveller and helping to improve the wellbeing of other people can have a positive impact on your own sense of well-being. It can also refresh your perspective, by teaching you what is truly important in life.
  • On a practical level, the social work sector benefits from excellent employment prospects as well as a competitive salary, especially for those with a postgraduate social work degree. Recently released graduate earning figures from the Department of Education found that those with a postgraduate qualification earning an average of £4,000 more than those with an undergraduate degree and this graduate premium is another potential benefit.

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