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I have graduated for a degree in Criminology which was based on extensive research methods, projects, presentations and conferences. The degree provided me with excellent foundation of knowledge and expertise on subjects such as Social Inequality, Penal Policy and the Criminal Justice System. The Criminology degree has significantly contributed to my work transferable skills. During my second year of studies I have started to volunteer for Victim Support as I wanted to put my Criminology degree to good use and gain some experience. I was always passionate about helping people, especially the most vulnerable people in our society. By volunteering for Victim support I have developed essential creativity and integrity skills.
Employment Experience
In my current role I am responsible for undertaking comprehensive assessments of clients and to commission a range of services to support identified needs. I am trained to support complex cases including Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence. Since I have worked for Victim Support I supported a number of Domestic Violence clients whose English is not the first language. I have been able to communicate with clients in both English and Polish language.
Victim Support provides access to excellent inductions and learning opportunities to help you develop and grow in your role.
Best Career Advice
My best advice is to get as much experience as you can before you graduate. This will allow you to acquire and develop the necessary skills and knowledge needed for your dream job. I would also suggest choosing something that you are interested in. There are a lot of websites which can be used in helping you to find the right voluntary role, placement or work experience.
Victim Support is always looking to recruit new volunteers who would be fully trained before going to the new role. All new volunteers are expected to take 5 days core training. After completing the core training you may choose to go on further training such as ; Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, Hate Crime as well as supporting children and young people.
You can learn more about Lincolnshire Victim Support, including information about how to volunteer on their website
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