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School of Psychology Weekly Update

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  • Evo Devo Meeting on Wednesday 8th February 2017 11am to 12 noon in Room BH0106a (Ground Floor, Bridge House).
  • PAC Meeting on Wednesday 8th February 2017, Room BH1201, Bridge House 3- 4pm.  Patrick Bourke will be discussing Parietal cortex and template formation in visual search
  • ISR Group Meeting on Wednesday 8th February 2017 11am – 12 noon in Room BH1115, Bridge House


  • Dr Julie Van der Vyver, University of Lincoln “The Arts as a Social Psychological Catalyst for Human Prosociality and Cooperation” on Wednesday 8th February 2017 in the Co-op Lecture Theatre 1.30pm to 2.30pm.  (Refreshments will be available outside the lecture theatre at 1.15pm).
  • College of Social Science Lecture Series – Professor Martin Tovee will speak on “Body Image, Eating Disorders and the Media” on Wednesday 8th February 2017, in the David Chiddick Building Lecture Theatre.  Arrival from 5.30pm for a 6pm start.  The presentation will conclude at 7pm with a drinks reception and an opportunity for networking and to continue any discussions arising from the lecture.


  • On Tuesday Roger Bretherton is in London coaching executives in the Stephen James Group (BMW) and meeting with Hintsa Performance.
  • On Wednesday afternoon, Roger is with Jamie Stephenson and Becky Park, he is delivering the fifth of eight sessions in a trial of mindfulness character strengths training to Sixth-Formers at LSST-The Priory.
  • Rachel Bromnick and Ava Horowitz presented a workshop at the HEA STEM conference ‘Transforming Teaching, Inspiring Learning’ Manchester Conference Centre, 1st/2nd February 2017. Their workshop was delivered to academics across the country and focused on their research findings on how to understand and prevent the potential disruption caused by students packing away at the end of lectures.


  • This week we welcome Aisha Ahmadi, a PhD student from Qatar, for her first formal meeting with me and the supervision team of Julie and Karen. She is investigating Character Strengths and Virtues in Qatari nationals.
  • Frouke Hermens had her 50th journal article accepted: Krucien, N., Ryan, M. & Hermens, F. (in press). Visual attention in multi-attributes choices: what can eye-tracking tell us? Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.


  • Ian Brown – Thurs 9th and Fri 10th January 2017


There are none registered for this week.

Coffee morning this week is on Wednesday and will be at 10.30am as usual in Bridge House

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